Newchapters Fostercare Team

The New Chapters Way

Our agency is called New Chapters for a reason. We want the next chapter in all the young people’s lives to be about stability, security, trust, and responsibility leading to a successful transition into adulthood.

Why the Solution Focused Approach?

Solution focused therapy has combined two simple ideas in supporting children and young people. Instead of making them look back at traumas and trying to understand and fix problems, the solution focused approach works by encouraging them to plan a way forward and seek all the resources necessary to follow this path.

The guiding principles centre on working with young people rather than their problems. Our approach offers a way of talking with children and young people in their day-to-day lives to bring about positive change. Research into the solution focused approach, shows that it consistently works and helps maintain placement stability. This model is the cornerstone of our service delivery.

Chapter 1: Your New Chapters Family starts here

The range of placements offered includes the following:

  • Emergency Placements
  • Respite Placements
  • Short Term Placements
  • Shared Care
  • Medium Term Placements
  • Bridging Placements
  • Long Term Placements
  • Sibling Group Placements
  • Parent and Child Placements
  • Children with Disabilities Placements
  • Solo Placements
  • Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Young People Placements

All requests for placements follow a matching process to make sure the competencies and knowledge of our foster carers meet the needs of each child placed. All placements are discussed with the placing local authority and individual placement contracts are agreed. Placement plans are completed for each child, these cover aspects such as essential information, the child’s care plans, and delegation of authority. Pre-placement preparation will take place where possible and for children placed risk assessments, safe caring processes are completed. We ensure foster homes adhere to the health and safety requirements.

Training and support

As part of your assessment to become a foster carer you will attend a 3 day ‘preparation to foster’ course, which will allow you to consider a range of topics relevant to fostering.

Once approved you will be required to attend a range of core training courses and you will be invited to attend additional training and development events that will enhance your knowledge and skills.

At New Chapters Fostercare we believe that development is on-going and it is important we all remember that social care is an ever-changing area.

New Chapters Fostercare operates a system of core and enhanced training for foster carers. All carers complete a four day course in a Solution Focused Approach plus a two day attachment course. There are 5 core courses for foster carers to complete in the first two years of fostering:

1. Solution Focused Approach
2. Safeguarding
3. Safe Caring – complaints & allegations
4. Paediatric First Aid
5. Record Practice/medication

In addition to the core courses, foster carers will complete enhanced training in a range of essential courses.

We believe that the recruitment and retention of dedicated and highly competent carers is fundamental to our success. Recruitment and retention successes are based firmly upon the highest standards of support, management and training. New Chapters Fostercare ensure this to enable its carers to meet the needs of the children they look after.

We provide our foster carers with a competitive financial package that will more than adequately cover the cost of everyday living expenses for you and the child in your care. The payment you receive will vary depending on the type of placement.

Foster carers are self-employed and there is generous tax relief provided by HMRC, meaning that foster carers pay very little tax and National Insurance.

At New Chapters Fostercare we understand the stresses that fostering can place on the carer and their family. Whilst we always encourage foster carers to develop their own network of support from their family and friends we also recognise the importance of having a professional support network.

Our network includes:

  • Supervising Social Worker
  • Family Support Worker
  • Therapist
  • 24 hour, on-call service, 365 days
  • Training
  • Carer Forum
  • Mentoring
  • Family Days
  • Coffee Mornings

Chapter 2: Further support from the New Chapters Family

We believe in being proactive when supporting our children and carers. Therefore, New Chapters provide further holistic support to the fostering family. The range of services are detailed below and during your fostering career you have access to these as and when required.

  • Group sessions are in place for all fostering households and held once a month to share experiences.
  • One to One reflective sessions.
  • Counselling sessions

Our family support worker intervenes with focused pieces of work on a 1:1 or groupwork basis. This work is diverse and covers self-harm, anger management, emotional regulation, independent skills, mobile and internet safety, social skills. All packages of support are developed dependent on assessed need

Chapter 3: New Chapters Get 2 Gethers

The New Chapters Family believe maintaining positive relationships between young people, the carers and the wider carer group and team is essential. For this reason, lots of activities take place around bringing the New Chapters family together.  These consist of group events, social gatherings and events targeted at current themes that help keep young people safe and emotionally well.

  • Coffee morning for fostering carers and their families
  • School holiday activities including Bowling, Zoo, Easter Egg Hunt, Beach Day, Summer BBQ, Halloween Event, and Christmas Party
  • Workshops for young people around Independent skills, CSE Awareness, Mindfulness, Domestic Violence.
  • Carers Christmas Meal.
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